About Aphasia SG
Aphasia SG is a not-for-profit organisation supporting persons with aphasia and their caregivers.
Our mission:
  • Empower PWA to lead meaningful lives
  • Advocate for an aphasia-friendly, inclusive Singapore. 
Chit Chat Cafe and Aphasia SG Choir are two flagship programmes run by Aphasia SG. They provide opportunities for supported conversations, social interaction and singing in aphasia-friendly environments. 
Meet the Team!

We are a team of dedicated speech therapist volunteers who are passionate about making Singapore a better place for persons with aphasia and their caregivers!


Bound by a common vision, our team work across different clinical settings around the island ranging from acute hospitals, community hospital, private hospital, day rehab centre to private home-based care.


In our free time, we love to chit chat. 

Chit Chat Café organizing team (speech therapist volunteers)
Front row (L to R): Michelle, Siew Wei, Khai, Evelyn
Back row (L to R): Jia Ling, Cheryl, Melinda, Huai Zhi
Missing from pic: Elysia, Jun, Stephanie

Evelyn Khoo
Founder, Aphasia SG and Chit Chat Cafe
Aphasia Advocate

Eve gets her daily dose of Vitamin C from eating chilli padi

Siti Khairiyah Mohd Jamil

Khai constantly wishes that there were more hours in the day and that bread isn’t fattening

Lee Jia Ling

Jia Ling can’t stay out of sea water for too long

Zheng Junwei

Jun: Speech Therapist by day, Super Nanny by night

Melinda Lee

Mel lives for bubble tea without the bubbles!

Aphasia: When you can't find the words...

Voon Siew Wei

SW is one who dreams of having “six packs” but only has one

Cheryl Lee

Cheryl is an adrenaline junkie who needs her daily dose of matcha

Goh Huai Zhi

HZ would gladly provide speech therapy in exchange for free laundry services

Michelle Kwan

Mich only drinks Coke Original because every other variation of Coke is a fake

Elysia Soh

Elysia says, “when in doubt, downward dog”

Stephanie Seet

Steph: fueled by coffee, ruled by her dogs