Aphasia SG Choir

Aphasia is an acquired communication impairment due to damage or injury to the language centers of the brain (typically located in the left hemisphere).

By tapping into the intact right hemisphere of their brains, the members of Aphasia SG Choir are able to express themselves fluently through music and singing.

Music bypasses the injured brain cells using rhythm and memory to prompt the words. Our choir members, even the ones with severe expressive aphasia, find themselves articulating big words with ease!

Music and singing has always been an integral part of Chit Chat Cafe since its advent in November 2018. From informal sing-along sessions at Chit Chat Cafe, the Aphasia SG Choir was born in August 2019.

Conducted by music therapist volunteers, Michelle Low and Grace Low, the Aphasia SG Choir has weekly evening rehearsals at a central location. All choir members are provided with song sheets. Rehearsals are conducted in a therapeutic manner, with the support of speech therapist volunteers.

The Aphasia SG Choir aims to empower and enrich the lives of persons with aphasia though music and singing. Apart from “exercising their brains” and having fun, Aphasia SG choir members have forged closer friendships and gained self-confidence through performing on stage.

The Aphasia SG Choir is open to all persons with aphasia and their caregivers. To find out more, please email aphasiasg@gmail.com or contact 9781 3531.


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Aphasia SG

Aphasia SG is a not-for-profit organisation supporting persons with aphasia and their caregivers. It is run by a team of dedicated speech therapist volunteers.

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